How to invest indirectly in BITCOIN


I was approached by a friend

Paulo are you IN BitCoin?

and between exchange of messages there I explained how I saw this type of investments.

In fact I can’t say I’m inside, I’ve never invested in, I’ve already researched about, but as everything that is new leaves room for some reluctance and in the case of currency investments  the safety and volatility of the investment is always critical point.

I remember when I was researching on the subject in 2013, the value of BitCoin was at 300 usd, had grown from 100 to 300, at this time I found the growth of 200% crazy, I thought clearly would adjust that there was so much speculation .

After this chat went back to consult and I was impressed with the current value, it was ….


Bit Coin worth 300 … in 2013 now in Dec. 2017 is worth 10,000 … a simply impressive growth, only this year 2017 has grown from 1,000 to 10,000.

Speaking of the subject and without much research, my analysis is purely empirical. We are clearly on a crazy growth, however being the BitCoin virtual currency, technological currency its growth may be exponentially linked to growth and expectations for the coming years in the field of technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the time of oneness between man and machine.

Currently this is a increasingly reality, more security mechanisms are being created and foremost is there an attempt to regulate this reality of Crypto Currencies beyond the Bitcoin there are already other kind of crypto currency and what at first was a obstacle starts to be a reality and many do not want to be out, which may explain this growing madness.

Basic Principles on Investment

My advice is clearly to invest as a risk product, we have here the possibility of 1 to 10 to succeed, so diversification is key to any investment risk.

Evaluate your portfolio, consider making available only between 5% and 10% in this type of investment. If it goes well these 10% can monetize as much as the other 90%, but if it goes wrong, only 10% is lost!

Respecting the rules and not being greedy can be the difference from “zero to hero”

Another basic rule is to evaluate the portfolio, 3 in 3, or 6 in 6 months, depending on portfolio volatility. Take the test, how much is at risk? How much is invested in moderate !? Imagine that the strategy went well, that what invested in risk already represents 20% is time to harvest, withdraw 10% risk and apply in moderate! If it is the opposite, do the same! Consistency in the process is the key!

How to Invest in BitCoin

There are certainly several ways to invest in BitCoin directly or indirectly.

BitCoin is a currency so buying directly and selling is a currency issue. This is the simple way to invest, look for a broker who has this option available and move on. There is also the possibility of having a Crypto Wallets, where you save the virtual money, like a pen drive, where your money is registered there in bitcoin or another crypto currency. Once again being a layperson on the subject, I jump at doubts and security issues, invest my money in something virtual, which is not regulated by a country in concrete, is not a currency of a country but of the world, it is virtual and it’s on a pen … and if I get mugged by a Hacker !! Who will protect me or be worth it? surely all this is thought and there will be ways to invest in security.

Not wanting to miss this wake-up call of my friend went to see what my  broker offered and found an ETF (Exchange Trade Fund) – Bitcoin XBTE Bitcoin Tracker EUR XBT Provider (ISIN SE0007525332), this fund (as you can see in the picture) replicates the evolution of BITCOIN. So I found a way to make safe investment without worrying about robberies!

My investment

So for 4 euros of commission I bought 1 unit of this fund at 456 euros, diversifying my portfolio to a potential reality. Here you can follow the evolution of this fund.

I leave here the  invitation, so you can open account in DeGiro (European Bank account required) by following my link you get 20 euros of commissions .. can buy between funds, ETFS, shares among others, to very reduced commissions, such as 50 cents per purchase in Portugal or USA. 🙂 see here on the Blog the investments already made #FRADIKinvest

bitcoin Degiro

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